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McGlathery Island and Stonington

Stonington Waterfront


McGlathery Island was rescued from loggers and is owned by Friends of Nature, a conservation group. Going ashore is permitted. Stonington, a working fishing community and windjammer destination, is about 3 miles away on Deer Isle. Billings Marine on Moose Island is about 3 miles from McGlathery Island and 1 mile from downtown Stonington.

Things to do:

The Stonington Town Landing has a dinghy dock and short term tie up for big boats as well as a fuel dock. Tour the galleries and shops of Stonington, visit the Opera House, watch the fishing fleets unload their catch, and gaze at the schooners maneuvering in the harbor. Take a ferry boat ride out to Isle au Haut (home of Linda Greenlaw - the female captain of the swordfishing vessel in the Perfect Storm).

McGlathery Island is a place to relax and take in some true Maine natural settings. Hike the Island, being mindful of the sheep, then walk the sandbar to the little adjacent island. Dinghy around the anchorage or stretch out on the sandy beach. You might even try swimming in the frigid waters if you are really brave.

Boating information:

Dockage None at McGlathery Island, 10 slips at Billings Diesel in Stonington, about 3 miles away. Call Sue at 207-367-2328. Rates: $1.25/ft., plus electricity
Moorings None at McGlathery Island. Billings has transient moorings. Call 207-367-2328. ; no launch service.
Anchorage Very adequate.
Dinghy Docks No
Launch/Water Taxi No
Ice Billings
Fuel Billings
Pump-Out Billings
Nearest Yard Billings Diesel and Marine 367-2398
Ships Store Billings
Trash Disposal Billings
Launch/Water Taxi No
Heads 2 at Billings
Showers 2 at Billings
Laundry Billings - one washer and dryer

Supermarket: Bartletts Stonington Market

Other Resources: Burnt Cove Market 367-2681, Penobscot Bay Provisions & Bakery 267-5177, North Atlantic Seafood 367-2459

Crew Changes Possible from Stonington
Transportation Rental Cars:
Airport Limo: Transportation Matters 348-2674 $95 to Bangor
Ferries: Stonington to Isle au Haut 367-5193
Airports: Knox County 30 mi.; Bangor 50 miles

Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast: Penobscot Bay, Charles McLane, 1997


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