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Editorial Guidelines

For Advertising Guidelines, please view the Advertising pages.

Guidelines for Publicity Materials

If you would like to submit materials for the calendar, race results/recaps, and news sections, please contact us via email. We are sorry but we cannot accept any submissions that are not digital. We post such information free of charge. Any information you submit becomes the property of and White Seahorse, Inc., but we will make every attempt to refrain from using it promotionally in any unintended way. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee complete copyright protection and we reserve the right to reject material we consider unsuitable for publication on

If you have a site you would like us to link to, please contact us. There is no charge for such links. A reciprocal link is always appreciated. Please provide the full url and a brief description of your organization in the email. We retain the right to reject sites that are not a good fit and regret that in such instances we will not enter into any correspondance. If your target audience is the same or similar to ours, then you may wish to consider advertising.

If you organize frequent or large regattas and events and would like to have a customized upload page for your results, please contact us. We are willing to host results pages, photo galleries, and brief summaries of the events on our site.

We will post information about non-profit organizations and their activities as time and space permits. Please contact us for details.

Guidelines for Writers

We welcome author inquiries and unsolicited manuscripts. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically, preferably via email along with appropriate artwork such as digital files. Good scanned in sketches are also acceptable. Manuscripts submitted for Feature consideration (first mention on home page) should be written in the first person and not exceed approximately 2,500 words. Manuscripts submitted for consideration as Non-features (all other departments) should not exceed 2,000 words.

Due to the volume of manuscripts we receive, we regret we cannot offer critiques of unacceptable material. We cannot offer payment at this time. In the future, we plan to buy all World Periodical Rights and pay within 90 days of acceptance.

Write your name and address in your email and at the beginning of the file. We cannot be responsible for anything that does not bear the sender's name. Also number and identify each image and submit a brief caption file. If your manuscript involves a cruise, please include a scan of a map or chart with the places you visited clearly marked on it.

Please enclose an author bio with sailing history and identify the people and type of boat in the story.

Manuscripts must not be sent to other publications (print or online) for consideration during the same time period. Such simultaneous submissions could cause an infringement of copyright laws. If, however, your manuscript has previously been published in part or in whole, let us know.

After the editors have had a chance to review your contribution, we will either accept it for publication or notify you otherwise. Dates of publication remain tentative.

Please be sure that you use a consistent permanent (not transient) address in all correspondence. Also, please note your telephone number and e-mail address on your cover letter.

Guidelines for Photographers

We are constantly on the lookout for exciting new photographs that we can use in special sections and in collateral print promotion. Photographs must be original, must have been taken by you, and and must not have been previously published. We will provide credit to the photographer for any photograph we use. Unfortunately we are at present not in a position to pay for photography. is a web community about people who love sailing, both cruising and racing, and do most of it in their home territorial waters. Look for action shots, with special emphasis on close ups or close competition in racing. Colorful scenes that show people expressing the joy of sailing work best. Special views of anchorages, unusual sailing predicaments, pets boating, and beautiful boats are also desirable. Concentrate on good composition and avoid shooting scenes that look cluttered.


Submissions should be sent via email. prior to sending a submission, please contact us via our online form so that we may send you an email address.

We do not provide a direct link to avoid the unfortunate pick up of website email address links by spam generators.


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