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This way or that way? Transiting from Chesapeake Bay to Long Island Sound. 

Which way should we go?

We’ve often heard snowbirds debating the merits of ways to transit that tricky little part around NJ where the Intracoastal Waterway doesn’t quite connect.  You can either go offshore for a few days, or hop the C&D Canal and coastal stops.  Either way, it’s bound to be an experience.

We have had the good fortune of having acquired two vessels on Chesapeake Bay and delivered them ourselves to Long Island Sound.  The first time we took the northern route as we were beginning our trip from Havre de Grace at the very northern end of the Bay. The second time we opted on the Southern route, as we were sailing out of Oxford on the Eastern shore mid-Bay.  Each of the trips had its good points. We’ll describe our experiences here to help you decide what’s right for you. By the way, for the most part, our information goes from the Chesapeake to Long Island Sound rather than the other way.

The C& D Route

The Offshore Route

Day 1:  Staging at Chesapeake City

Day 1: Staging at port of choice on the Chesapeake

Day 2:  Chesapeake City to Philadelphia

Day 2: Head South to Hampton Roads, VA

Day 3:  Philadelphia to Cape May

Day 3-4: Turn North along the coast either to New York Harbor and up the East River or Northeast around the tip of Long Island

Day 4:  Cape May to Atlantic City

Day 5: Atlantic City to Sandy Hook

Day 5: Continue to your final destination or stage the next segment from Sandy Hook, Montauk or Block Island

Day 6: Sandy Hook to Western Long Island Sound

Day 6: Continue to final destination

Itinerary 1 - The C&D Route:  The Northern Route through the C&D Canal , down Delaware Bay and out to Montauk, or skipping along the coast

The Chesapeake Inn on the C&D Canal, Chesapeake City
Side trip: Philadelphia
Philadelphia waterfront under the Ben Franklin Bridge
Itinerary 2 - The Offshore Route: Through Hampton Roads to New York Harbor and up the East River
Offshore waters off the Eastern Shore of VA/MD

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