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Gilkey Harbor, Warren Island, ME


Warren is a state owned island and state park. The island has a dinghy dock and extensive picnic and camping facilities that can be reserved in advance. 700 Acre Island is a bridgeless Island off the island of Islesboro and there is nothing available to the public beyond the boatyard.

Things to do

Tour 70 acre Warren Island, offering spruce-needle trails and spectacular vistas, even a beach for the kids. Try an Island camp-out for the family. Warren Island has 10 tent campsites and two lean-to equipped campsites. You might plan a traditional Penobscot Bay Lobster Bake with all the trimmings (propane, alas, not pit dug as these are no longer allowed) on Warren Island.

Circumnavigate Islesboro and 700 Acre Island (where Dark Harbor Boat Yard is) by dinghy or big boat. Islesboro is a largely summer community with many large, beautiful homes. The turn of the century water-front 'cottages' are certainly worth a look. Charles Dana Gibson's 1926 miniature Norman Castle, built for his grandchildren, is on the eastern tip.

Going ashore in Islesboro is not easy. One of the only public landings on Islesboro itself is at the Ferry terminal (a pretty long dinghy ride from the mooring field) and which is, in turn, a long walk from any services. The Tarrantine Yacht Club is a small boat club (only 3 ft. at mlw) and infamously private. The club has basic facilities and no other services or stores within walking distance. Pendleton Yacht Yard is dry at low tide and there is little (save a single restaurant) within walking distance.

Boating Information

Dockage None
Moorings Dark Harbor Boat Yard – 20 moorings. Call Michelle at (207) 734-2246. rafting permitted, no launch service.
Also 10 moorings off Warren Island on a first come, first served basis.
Anchorage Plenty of anchoring room in and around the mooring field
Dinghy Docks At Dark Harbor BY and at Warren Island
Launch/Water Taxi Quick Silver Water Taxi – 734-8379. No launch
Pump-Out No
Nearest Yard DHBY
Ships Store DHBY
Trash Disposal DHBY has barrels
Propane/CNG Camden would be the nearest
Heads 1
Showers 2
Laundry 1 W & 1 D
Provisioning Supermarket: Island Market 734-6672 – modest, great baked goods but hard to get to
Other Resources: Durkee's General Store 734-2201

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