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Block Island

Fourth of July is so festive in New Shoreham.
Block Island

Block Island is one of the premier yachting destinations in New England. Block Island is rustic with lots of Victorian charm and natural beauty.  Often called the Bermuda of the North, Block Island is laid back with several main venues that are well connected by good roads and easy to traverse by bike, car or taxi.  It has two fine harbors. New Harbor (aka Great Salt Pond), and Old Harbor, where the center of town resides.  New Harbor is about a 3 minute taxi ride, and easy bike ride, or 15 minute walk into town.  There is a landing fee of $0.50 per person per day to help support tourist services and is payable on the honor system at collection boxes at the marinas.  The Town of New Shoreham, Rhode Island (PO Drawer 220, Block Island, RI 02807) incorporated in 1672 on Block Island and encompasses both harbors, although when you say you’re going to “town” that means you’re heading to Old Harbor.  It is the smallest town in the smallest state of the Union.  It is a single source aquifer so please help conserve and protect fresh water! For lots more information, please click on the links in the box below.

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Block Island Facts:

  • 10 sq miles in size (7 mi long x 3 mi wide)
  • 12 miles from RI Coast
  • 851 year round residents
  • 15,000 seasonal visitors a day
  • 2 lighthouses
  • 17 miles of beaches
  • 32 miles of nature trails
  • 365 freshwater ponds
  • 2042 miles of stone walls
  • 5 churches
  • 39 restaurants
  • 65 hotels and inns
  • 90 public moorings
  • 50 gift shops
  • 12 art galleries
  • 2 movie theaters
  • Islanders refer to the mainland as “America ”


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