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The latitude of Blue Hill is 44.413N. The longitude is 68.587W. Blue Hill Harbor is full of classic boats and is quite large and safe. The waters are relatively calm due to the distance from the open Atlantic.The town of Blue Hill was named by Parson Jonathan Fisher, who got the idea after seeing all the surrounding hills covered with beautiful firs, pines, and spruce trees taking on a dark blue color.   The population at the time of the 2000 census was 2,390.

Things to do

Blue Hill is a true center for the arts and crafts, with concentrations in music, pottery, and wooden boat building.

The venerable Manhattan-based Blue Hill Troupe, an extraordinarily professional, though amateur, Gilbert & Sullivan opera company was founded here. Amazingly, Blue Hill has also nurtured Caribbean-style steel drum bands for decades. It is home to Flash-in-the-Pans, a 35 member community-based steel band dedicated to fund raising and education that has spawned bands in all the local schools, as well as a few professional groups.

Visit the Kneisel Hall Campus (known as the Cradle of Chamber Music Teaching in America ). The annual, century-old, 7-week Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival takes place in early August.  Kneisel Chamber Music School provides summer concerts in wooded setting. On that theme, Bagaduce Lending Library (374-5454) holds one of the largest collections of sheet music in the world.

Visit the charming shops in Blue Hill, and enjoy the antiques collections. Blue Hill Peninsula Arts, Lodging, and Business is a delightful and useful guide to the Blue Hill peninsula. While you're at it, stop at the Leese House with spectacular views out to Blue Hill Bay or climb Blue Hill Mountain . Blue Hill is home to some world-class galleries and pottery studios including: Rowantrees (374-5535), Rackliffe's (374-2297) & Bell 's (374-5882). Haystack Mountain School of Arts is also here.

The town is also partial to museums. Parson Fisher House (374-2339), home of Renaissance man and inventor Jonathan Fisher (known as the Thomas Jefferson of Maine ) and Holt House (326-8250) home of Blue Hills Historical Society are both worth a tour.

The popular WoodenBoat magazine, headquartered in Brooklin, Maine, deserves a lot of the credit for the rejuvenation of interest in the building and restoration of wooden boats which developed about 25 years ago, following the publication of the magazine's first issue. The WoodenBoat School, an offspring of the magazine, has also contributed to the rebirth of interest in classic wooden craft.

Map To access a Google town map, please click here.

Boating information

Marinas None
Yacht Clubs Kollegewidgwok Y.C (KYC) (We suggest reading about how the name came about on the website!)
Moorings KYC $15 guest fee for moorings per night. Launch included.
Anchorage In the outer bay, east of KYC mooring field
Dinghy Docks KYC (2 hours either side of high tide only)
Launch/Water Taxi KYC launch
Fuel KYC Gasoline/Diesel
Pump-Out No
Nearest Yard Raynes Marine in the Inner Harbor 374-2877
Heads 2
Showers No
Laundry Blue Hill Laundry 7am-9pm 374-2777

Merrill & Hinckley 374-2821 delivers to KYC

Other Resources:
Moveable Feast 374-2441
Blue Hill Food Co-op 374-8999
Blue Hill Wine Shop 374-2162
Pain de Famille Bakery 207-374-2565 (9 Main Street)

 Inns The charming Blue Hill Inn.
  "Blue Hill is the kind of coastal village - scenic and secluded, yet with fine cuisine and culture to spare - that travelers dream of finding when they come to Maine. And the Blue Hill Inn is the kind of classic New England hostelry they hope to discover once they arrive..."
Downeast Magazine
Advance reading Jonathan Fisher, Maine Parson, 1768-1847- Mary Ellen Chase, Published by Jonathan Fisher Memorial, Inc.;
A Lantern in the Wind - The Life of Mary Ellen Chase
- Elienne Squire, Fithian Press, Santa Barbara 1995
A Kid's Book on Boatbuilding, by Will Ansel
Amazing Book of Paper Boats, edited by Gillian Sowell and Colin

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