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Exploring Block Island

Block Island has a wonderful casual ambiance with lots to do.  For those who are energetic, biking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and water sports are great options.  There are 25 hiking trails, at least 5 options for bike tours, and numerous fishing adventures.  For the less adventurous, miles of dune bordered beaches provide just the beach experience you’re looking for on a given day.   And the nightlife abounds, with lots of choices to satisfy any palate.  Be aware that drinking alcoholic beverages in public (on the street, at the dock) is not permitted.

Bicycling out to North Light. We carry Montegue folding bikes aboard so we can explore any territory we visit.
Bikes are really the best way to see the island.  Its hills are not too challenging, and the tours are easily manageable in an afternoon with plenty of stops along the way.  The number of mopeds is limited by law, so if that’s what you’re after, make reservations early.  Keep in mind that mopeds are allowed only on the paved roads, so you won’t have access to the many destinations that end in dirt paths.  Taxis are plentiful at the marinas and in town but can be scarce when the ferries come in.   If you only have one afternoon to do it all, our sample bike tour takes you to our favorite destinations.

There are actually two primary bike tours that are a bit too long to do both in one day. Each has a lighthouse as the primary destination, and both offer plentiful other attractions and stops. The first is an easy ride along gently sloped road from Old Harbor to North Light. On a hot day, we like to stop at any number of lovely beaches along the way. You'll have to pick your way along dirt paths to some of them but it's well worth the diversion. North Light is described on the lighthouse page. Be advised though, you cannot ride your bike right up to it. The trail ends at the head of a nature preserve, where you'll have to leave behind your bike and walk about a mile to the light. It's a lovely walk with lots of birding to keep your interest.

Monhegan Bluffs below Southeast Light.

The second bike tour combines two of our favorite island features: Southeast Light/Mohegan Bluffs and the Nature Conservancy Trail Network. This is not a ride for the faint of heart and the combined biking and hiking can be rather exhausting. But if you're looking for some exercise and breathtaking vistas, this is the place to go.

            • The Greenway network of trails is maintained by the Nature Conservancy, who also conducts nature walks (401-466-2129). Schedules are often listed in the Block Island Times. It includes 25 miles of trails with 11 access points through the southern half of the island.  Look for granite Greenway markers and wooden turnstiles at the trailheads.   Nathan Mott Park , The Enchanted Forest, Turnip Farm, and Rodman Hollow can all be accessed through Greenway trails.  Rodman’s Hollow is a truly memorable hike, from Black Rock Road (off Cooneymus Road ) through a glacial basin that offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and ends at a beautiful beach.  Here you’ll also see rare species of wildflowers and wildlife so keep your eyes
            • Clayhead trail offers some of the islands best views.  One part of the trail leads to the beach on the right, while a left turn a third of a mile in takes you along the spectacular bluffs.  At the top of the trail is a section of unmarked interconnected pathways known informally as the maze. 
            • Mohegan Bluffs (see Southeast light and Vaill Beach ).

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