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Block Island Provisioning & Services


  • Block Island Grocery and Package Store, Ocean Avenue next to the bank.  401-466-2949.  Fresh produce, groceries, frozen foods, butcher, seafood, deli, health and beauty aids, sundries, newspapers, beer, wine, liquor, ice.  Daily 7 am to 7 pm .

Smaller Specialty Markets: 

  • Finn’s Fish Market – pick up lobster, fish, shellfish, chowder in Old Harbor . Hours 10-7, 401-466-2102
  • Block Island Bakes – Heat & Eat Lobster Boils shipped in cooking tin fresh from PT Judith  401-782-3866
  • Rebecca’s Seafood on Water Street has breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night snacks and take out. Open 7 am-2 am 401-466-5411
  • Seaside Market on Water Street , BI’s only convenience store.  Daily 9 am to 9:30 pm 401-466-5876.

Other Provisioning and Services

  • Produce: Farmer’s Market Manisses Corner, Wed 9-11 am , Negus Park Sat 9-11 am 466-2875
  • Bakeries: Aldo’s, a unique BI service, delivers freshly baked goods (bread, rolls, pastries) by boat in Great Salt Pond.  Listen for the call of “Andiamo, andiamo” and flag them over to your vessel.  Champlin’s has a bakery on the premises. Just Baked, freshly baked treats such as birthday cakes by Amy Doran Couet , 401-466-8996.  Also does box lunches. 
  • Beverages: Red Bird Package Store, Dodge Street , 401-466-2441, Kegs, Microbrews, Wine, Beer, Spirits, Cigars
  • Pharmacies:  BI Health & General Store, High Street, general OTC pharmacy (no Rx service), TV and VCR rental, Western Union , ATM, film processing 401-466-5825, fax 401-466-5028
  • General Supplies:  Star Department Store, Old Harbor 8:30 am-10:00 pm, the general store for clothing, hats, toys, gifts, film, souvenirs 401-466-5541
  • Hardware:  Island Hardware and Supply (401-466-5831)
  • Bookstores:  Book Nook and Ship to Shore
  • Baby services: Block Island Baby Services rent cribs, pack n plays, highchairs, gates, joggers, backpacks, baby swings, car seats.  Call for reservations 401-466-8912
  • Office Services: Offshore Services, Ltd., BI Airport Terminal, PO Box 457, 466-2875.  "We are your office away from the office."
    Copies, Faxing, Typing and Express Package Service. Computer services, E-Mail, fax, and phone message service.
  • Banking:  The Washington Trust Co., Ocean Ave , PO Box 217 , 466-7710.  ATMs available at several locations in town.

Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Office or CVB: 

  • Block Island Accommodations
    Block Island 's best selection of rooms, suites, apartments, and cottages. Historic, romantic and family inns, moderate to first class. Waterfront views, perfect locations, weddings.
  • Block Island Holidays, PO Box 803, (800) 905-0590, 466-3137, Fax 466-3115
    The "One Stop" access to the Island , offering a wide range of services including Hotel Packages, Day Trips, Sightseeing, and Out Door Adventures.
  • Block Island Chamber of Commerce, PO Box D, 466-2982, (800) 383-2474, Fax 466-5286
  • Block Island Chamber Reservation Service at 1-800-383-BIRI provides up-to-date information on hotels, inns, B&Bs, restaurants, bars and clubs.  Chamber of Commerce is in a small building near the ferry landing in Old Harbor .  They have many brochures and sage advice.
  • Block Island Reservations, (800) 825-6254

Important numbers:

  • All emergency/fire/rescue:  911
  • Police: 466-3220
  • Medical Clinic: 466-2974
  • Coast Guard: 789-0444
  • Poison Center : 444-5727
  • Library:  466-3233
  • Town Hall:  466-3200

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