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Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA offers a unique experience

Continue up to Fall River Massachusetts and historic Battleship Cove. Moor just off with the really big boats or tie up along side a submarine.  This is an amazing destination especially for the children.  There’s a battleship (The Massachusetts), a submarine, a destroyer, PT boats, a fleet of 420s and Mercurys, sailing lessons, and an amusement park as well as game room. You can also get snacks and light fare in the The carousel is simply beautiful. The Cove has limited dock space, but plenty of moorings. 

Munch on a delicious, affordable lunch in the Officers' Wardroom on board USS Massachusetts. Enjoy a taste of New England with fish & chips or clam chowder, or cool off with a cold beverage or milkshake followed by a wide selection of ice cream. And, of course, the Wardroom Grill also serves an array of specialty sandwiches and desserts, as well as a variety of all-American fast food items such as burgers, pizza, and chicken tenders

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The people who take care of the ships and museum are a passionate bunch. We met some interesting people there, among whom was Lexie. Lexie works at the Cove and occasionally acts as nightime caretaker when a group visits. She battled her way back from a wheelchair, when she didn't think she would ever walk again, to being an ASA certified sailing instructor at the school. She is working toward buying her dream cruising boat (again - circumstances caused her lose her first love) so she can experience some new adventures someday. She was introduced to sailing when her mother, one of the top sailing photographers in the golden age of Newport America's Cup yachting, dragged her along on her photography sessions. We wish you all the best, Lexie. We hope your dreams are close at hand.

The town has evidence of another era when the mills that are such a dominant part of the landscape were active.  The gates to the Cove get locked at night so there are limited options for shore leave after dark.  There are however a train museum, a maritime museum, an amateur theatre and restaurants within a five minute walk of the docks.

Contact Battleship Cove at 508-324-4345 or VHF channel 72.


Top Left: Don't miss the submarine...and all the other fascinating war ships
Top Right: The mooring field in the lee of the USS Massachusetts
Bottom right: One of the fleet of 420s available for rent
Right: The treasured carousel rescued from a Philadephia attraction
Bottom left: Surreal lighting through the fog in the Cove

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