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Hempstead Harbor: Glen Cove and Sea Cliff - next door, yet worlds apart!

We recently had the pleasure of a sojourn to Hempstead Harbor. Almost directly across the Sound from
Hempstead Harbor, between Manhasset Bay and Oyster Bay on Long Island's legendary North Shore. Click to view larger image.
Larchmont and Rye and the next harbor over from Manhassett Bay on Long Island's North Shore, Hempstead Harbor has had an illustrious history. Dotted with the homes of wealthy industrialists and financiers, Hempstead Harbor is the backdrop for two towns - Glen Cove and Sea Cliff.

For 250 years, Glen Cove was a sheltered harbor within the Town of Oyster Bay. In 1917, Glen Cove incorporated as an independent city and subsequently grew into the multicultural community it is today. Sea Cliff on the other hand started out as a Methodist campground with a purchase of 240 acres in 1871 from James Carpenter. By 1883, Sea Cliff had incorporated as a village within the Town of Oyster Bay and became a popular resort for city people, some of whom built Victorian and Gothic 'cottages' on the hillside leading down to the harbor. Many of these homes still stand, and Sea Cliff boasts one of the largest samplings of this architecture. At one point (early 1900s) Sea Cliff was the site of a steamboat dock where people from distant venues arrived to bask on Sea Cliff's beaches.

Sea Cliff and Glen Cove, though neighbors, have had disagreements over time about management of the harbor. Recently, Glen Cove negotiated a deal with Fox Navigation for a high speed ferry service between Long Island and Connecticut's casinos, which Sea Cliff vigorously opposed.

How to get there

Hempstead Harbor is directly across the Sound from Rye and Larchmont, and between Manhasset and Oyster Bays. Approaching from the West past Execution Rocks, round G23 FlG4s Gong and turn SW. As you round Prospect Point, note the mansions on the hills to starboard, most notably Hempstead House & Castle Gould, the home of Daniel and Florence Guggenheim on the crest of the hills, and Falaise built for Harry Guggenheim in 1923 in the style of a 13th century Norman manor house.

Although wide open to the North, the breakwater extending out from Glen Cove provides adequate protection for the mooring field and harbor. For the inner harbor, use chart 12366. Depth up to the breakwater is about 25 feet MLW and the breakwater is marked by a light (4M FlG4s). Inside the breakwater, the depth remains in the teens, but drops off to about 9 feet closer in to the Glen Cove Creek approach in Mosquito Cove. The approach to Glen Cove Creek follows the beach along the SW shore and is marked by GC1 and RN2.

From the East, round Matinecock Point and follow the countours around Weeks Point to the breakwater.

Hempstead Harbor is home to two marinas and three yacht clubs. Just outside to port of Glen Cove Creek sits the Hempstead Harbour Club at the foot of Garvies Point Road. Just North of that is Glen Cove Yacht Club. South of the entrance to Glen Cove Creek you'll see Sea Cliff Yacht Club along the beachfront. Inside the Creek there are some pretty substantial boats in the two marinas. The first to starboard is Brewer Yacht Yard at Glen Cove. Farther in just before the Steamboat Landing Restaurant is Jude Thaddeus Glen Cove Marina. Both marinas have transient slips and the yacht clubs offer transient moorings to visiting yachtmen with reciprocal priviledges. There is also a public boat ramp at Garvies Point Road.

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The marinas at Glen Cove tucked in off Hempstead Harbor provide shelter from the Sound.

View the Glen Cove photo gallery by clicking here. All photos property of Daria and Alex Blackwell.

The town of Sea Cliff rises high above Hempstead Harbor opening up spectacular vistas across the Sound.

View the Sea Cliff photo gallery by clicking here. All photos property of Alex and Daria Blackwell.

Useful Links
Marinas and Yacht Clubs
Glen Cove Yacht Club
(516) 676-9450
Foot of mcLoughlin Street
Sea Cliff Yacht Club
(516) 671-7374
42 The Boulevard
Hempstead Harbour Club
(516) 671-0600
Foot of Garvies Point Road
Tappen Marina
public marine just south of Sea Cliff
Town of Oyster Bay Parks Department
(516) 674-7100
Brewer Yacht Yard at Glen Cove
(516) 671-5563
300 slips, 5 transient, pool, showers, repair, fuel, pump-out, laundry
Jude Thaddeus Glen Cove Marina
(516) 759-3129
347 slips, transients available, repairs, fuel, showers, ice, bait & tackle, coffee shop & luncheonette
Ferry Fox Navigation: Long Island (Glen Cove) to Manhattan, New London CT and Martha's Vineyard
Restaurants (close to the waterfront)
Steamboat Landing 76 Shore Road, Glen Cove
(516) 759-3921
Il Villagio Pizzeria 227 Sea Cliff Ave
(516) 671-6622
Tupelo Honey 39 Roslyn Ave, Sea Cliff
(516) 671-8300
Once Upon a Moose 304 Sea Cliff Ave
(516) 676-9304
Partners 225 Sea Cliff Ave
(516) 676-9535
KC Gallagher's Pub 325 Sea Cliff Ave
(516) 656-0996
Useful information links
Sea Cliff, NY A Victorian Village - official site
Sea Cliff, NY - private site with useful links
Hempstead Harbor Protection Committee
Glen Cove, Heart of the Gold Coast
Sea Cliff Village Museum Open Saturdays and Sundays 2:00-5:00 pm
95 Tenth Avenue
(516) 671-0090
GasLight & GingerBread Website of Charles E. Ransom, Sea Cliff historian and author
Newsday Long Island History A good overview of the history of Sea Cliff with very interesting photographs.,0,6589763.story

Garvies Point Preserve The focal point is the museum dedicated to prehistoric Native American culture as well as the archeology and geology of Long Island and New York State.

Barry Drive, Glen Cove
(516) 571-8010

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