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Lloyd Harbor - Off Huntington Bay, east of Northport, Centerport, and Huntington.

Enter Lloyd Harbor from Huntington Bay north of the Huntington light and follow the channel between GC 3” and RN 4” to avoid the reefs that extend out from East Beach. There is a good anchorage to port as you enter the harbor, and it is reserved for transients only. The Harbor is strictly controlled, with anchoring permitted only in the area designated by a boundary line that runs from the lighthouse to a raft in the northwest corner of the anchorage. It is protected from the prevailing southwesterlies by gently sloping hills, and treed estates surround three sides of the anchorage. The only exposure is from the East; but if you stay within the area delineated by the lighthouse, you’ll avoid much of the fetch across the bay that a sudden easterly can whip up. The depth is good (7-11 feet) with a mud bottom, but be careful not to anchor in the oyster beds or you are likely to drag.

Although it’s name connotes a busy harbor, as most are on Long Island Sound, Lloyd is one of the more idyllic and serene spots on eastern LIS – a peaceful anchorage that fits the definition of gunkhole in almost any book. It actually extends from Huntington Bay to the east and Oyster Bay to the west, from which it is separated by a narrow strip of land. The view across to the four stacks of the monstrous LILCO power plant is far enough away to almost create a storybook vision of giant candy canes luring the night fishing vessels while the light house keeps watch.  

The shores are forested and strictly residential so you won’t find restaurants and bars or noisy crowds, and rafting is not permitted after dark, although raft-ups are to be expected during the day mid-summer. If you’re feeling energetic, take a dinghy ride and a stroll along East Beach. Power vessels are forbidden at the upper (Western) end of the harbor, so if you want to explore there, you’ll have to row. But once you get there, you can walk over the narrow causeway and take a swim in Cold Spring Harbor!

The thing to do here is enjoy the peacefulness. What a place to sit back with a cocktail and watch the sunset! There’s usually a great display by birds fishing for their supper, and you may get a visit from the local swans. A barbecue dinner under the stars is definitely indicated. In fact, you may be dining along with stars like Billy Joel, who made his home on Lloyd Harbor during his marriage to Christie Brinkley. In December 2002, he bought a brick manor house near Moses Point with a dock on Oyster Bay Harbor, which reputedly looks across Cold Spring and Oyster Bay harbors toward the house he lived in on Lloyd.

You can read more about the history of Lloyd Harbor at

Lloyd Harbor

Lloyd Harbor Historical Society
Lloyd Harbor Road
Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743
Museum: Henry Lloyd Manor House

Caumsett State Park
Lloyd Harbor Road
Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743
A 1500 acre state park (on the former Marshall Field III estate) with large mansion overlooking Long Island Sound.

Henry Lloyd Manor House (Lloyd Harbor Historical Society)
Lloyd Harbor Road
Open by appointment
This manor house was built by Henry Lloyd in 1711 and was occupied by the British during the Revolutionary War.

Joseph Lloyd Manor House (Society for the Preservation of L.I. Antiquities)
Lloyd Lane
Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743
Open: Sat. & Sun. 1:00-5:00 p.m. (May-October)
A 1766 manor house with a collection of period furnishings and historical exhibits.

Matheson Meadows Sanctuary (Nature Conservancy)
Fort Hill Drive
250 Lawrence Hill Road (mail)
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 (mail)
Open: Sunrise-sunset
A 40 acre meadow preserve with a variety of wildlife.

Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge
Target Rock Road
Lloyd Harbor, NY 11743
Open: Daily, Sunrise-sunset
A preserve containing a variety of wildlife and a system of nature trails.

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