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Coastal Boating Facts & Figures

An ecclectic collection of Facts and figures we put together for your amusement

The most common types of boats involved in reported accidents were:
  • open motorboats (42%),
  • personal watercraft (PWC) (25%)
  • cabin motorboats (15%).
Increases were observed in the number of reported fatalities involving pontoon boats (27) and canoes and kayaks (98) from 2003.
A decrease was observed in the number of fatalities involving cabin motorboats (42) from the number of fatalities reported in 2003.
Sailboats (sail only/aux) accounted for only a small percentage of accidents.

Mad Math: How Many Hooks in the Sea?
On any one night, there are more than 4.5 million commercial fishing hooks dangling in the oceans. (Pew Charitable Trusts)

Most Expensive Yachts 2006

(As reported by Forbes)


$116.7 million

Oceanco 702

$111.8 million (€90 million)


$97.6 million (€79 million)


$64.1 million (€52 million)


$55.4 million (€45 million)


$55 million


$52.5 million

Mia Elise

$47.5 million


$30.8 million (€25 million)

Gallant Lady

$29.5 million

The five biggest privately owned yachts in 2005

Length: 456 feet, 10 inches.Built: 1999
Owner: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia .
Length: 452 feet, 8 inches. Built: 2004.
Owner: Larry Ellison, Oracle Corp.
Length: 414 feet. Built: 2003.
Owner: Paul Allen, Microsoft.
Length: 408 feet. Built: 1931 (refurbished and relaunched in 1992).
Owner: Kahraman Sadikoglu, Turkish businessman.
Length: 400 feet, 2 inches. Built: 1965, relaunched 1988
Owner: Latsis family, Greece .
Note: "Platinum" at 582 feet and owned by the Sheik of Dubai is left off the list because it is technically owned by Dubai on behalf of the Sheik. The "Platinum Project" was originally commissioned in 1996 by Prince Jefri Bolkiah, the younger brother to the Sultan of Brunei. Following the prince's bankruptcy the yacht was mothballed, until the project was later sold to Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai. Launched in April of 2005, was originally a collaboration between the Lürssen and Blohm & Voss shipyards.

The largest sailing vessels

The Largest Sailing Ship Ever Built


Year built: 1921
Shipyard: Germania Werft (F. Krupp), Kiel
Type: four-masted bark
Construction: steel, deck - wood
Total length: 122,3 m
Hull length: 109 m
Width: 14,6 m
Draught: 6,5 m
Sail surface:  4192 m2
Crew: 64 + 180 cadets

Largest Private Sailing Yacht Ever Built (as Hussar, by EF Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post)

Sea Cloud

Year Built: 1931 (Krupp) in Kiel
Length overall:   360 feet
Beam:  50 feet
Draught:  17 feet
Main mast height: 178 feet (above deck)
Total sail area: 32,000 sq. feet
Number of sails: 30
Main engine: 2 SKL diesel engines
Engine output: 3,000 HP
Speed: 10 knots (max )
Range:  10,000 nautical miles (at 8 knots)
(1 nautical mile = approx. 2000 yards)
GRT:  2.532
Cabins: 32
Passengers: max 64
Crew:  approx. 60
Voltage: 220 V
Satellite: SatcomB
Flag:  La Valletta/Malta

Largest 'Personal Sailboat in the World'

Maltese Falcon

The 286-foot three-masted steel-hulled clipper has four decks, a 42-foot beam, a 20-foot draft (36 feet with daggerboard down). This aint no gunkholer! She measures 256 feet at the waterline and displaces 1366 tons.

The DynaRig makes the ship unique. Conceived in Germany about 30 years ago, this is its first installation on board a boat. An automated system rotates the the freestanding carbon fiber masts to optimize utilization of its 25,791 square feet of sail.

The vessel is designed to be sailed by one person according to its owner, Tom Perkins, a California venture capitalist and author of the novel "Sex and the Single Zillionaire.".

Largest Single Masted Sloop Ever Built

Mirabella V

When Joseph Vittoria commissioned a 70 metre super sailing yacht he stipulated two personal requirements:  the yacht must be built in composite materials and she must have a single mast rig. 

This new yacht, at a final 75 meters, was designed to create the ultimate windward performing sailing vessel that would allow his family as well as private and charter guests to experience a unique level of sailing.

Composite materials, never before used on such a large sailing yacht, allowed weight savings. The commercial charter requirements necessitated MCA certification and consequently fire insulation (steel doors, stairways, etc.).

She has high aspect 150 tonnes retracting bulb keel (allowing under 4 metres draught) and twin rudders. The composite structure, carbon fibre mast and boom were built to DNV certification requirements.  In addition, Germanischer Lloyd were asked to certify the 90 metre mast, spreaders and boom, the largest such components ever built. 

LOA: 75.22m (247 ft)
Beam: 14.80m (48.5 ft)
Draught (Keel Up): 4.0m (13 ft)
Draught (Keel Fully Down):10.0m (33 ft)
Displacement Half Load: 765 tonnes
Mast Height: 88.5m (290ft)
Builder: Vosper Thornycroft
Naval Architect/Interior Designer: Ron Holland Design
Composite Engineering: High Modulus
Main Sail - Segmented Battened Panels: 1557m2 (16,760ft2)
UPS ( Genoa ) : 1833m2 (19,730ft2)
Working Jib: 828m2 (8,915ft2)
Staysail: 320m2 (3,445ft2)
Built to DNV, Germanischer Lloyds and MCA compliant

Rates: Spring 2006
US $250,000 per week MYBA
Cruising Area: Mediterranean Spring 2006

Largest Catamaran Ever Built


At 138 ft (42 m), the largest sailing catamaran ever built, is an MVPVLP design, as are a series of other luxury supercats either sailing or in production.

The team have a long and illustrious record as innovative racing multihull architects. In 1983 they designed the outstanding 50 ft (15.2 m) racing trimaran GERARD LAMBERT. Since then they have successfully introduced adventurous and effective new concepts to racing multihulls which sail with the centre hull out of the water in strong winds. HYDROPTERE, BONDUELLE, FILA and FONCIA were the result of the next evolution of racing design philosophy from MVPVLP.

How large?

"Just shy of eight feet, the Optimist is the smallest boat in the Hall of Fame," Schanen wrote. "But by another measure, it is the largest. No boat has brought more new sailors into the world than the Optimist Dinghy."

The Largest Commercial Vessels

World’s Largest Container Ship

OOCL Shenzhen:

Orient Overseas Container Line Shenzhen, out of Hong Kong, made her maiden voyage in 2003. She is big, capable of carrying 8063 TEUs. Shenzhen has a crew complement of only 19, and due to large scale automation virtually the entire ship can be controlled and adjusted from a single Windows-based computer terminal. Several such terminals are scattered throughout the ship, meaning that the ship’s officers can make adjustments to the ship from their cabins if necessary.

Oh, and by the way, they launched 7 more of these monsters since. Look out when these babies come into port.

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