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Top 10 US Yacht Club websites (by Google rank and other criteria)

  1. California Yacht Club (
  2. New York Yacht Club (
  3. Chicago Yacht Club (
  4. Seattle Yacht Club (
  5. Berkeley Yacht Club (
  6. Bayview Yacht Club (
  7. San Diego Yacht Club (
  8. Annapolis Yacht Club (
  9. Austin Yacht Club (
  10. San Francisco Yacht Club (

This month, we did not restrict ourselves to the Northeast, but rather left our territory virtual by the nature of the web. If it has useful information, it was included for consideration. CYC has a very clean, easy-to-navigate website, which tells anyone looking for information pretty much everything they need to know about the club. It reflects the members' interests and provides some pretty interesting ideas about services clubs can provide - like the epicurean group and the amateur radio group. It came up #1 on the google search, confirming that it is referenced by a large number of people.

One thing we would ask the webmasters is to please not lock up visitor's systems with the member access portals. We excluded Seattle Yacht Club from the listing because it caused our computers to lock up on any page restricted to members, and there was no way to tell which pages were restricted. We also ask that they do not disable the "back button". There is nothing more annoying than being stuck on a home page without being able to get back to the search results via the web browser. New York, Chicago and Austin are all guilty.

Note: We took American Yacht Club ( out of the running because we are the webmasters until the end of this year. It was named one of the top ten yacht club websites by several years ago. We also eliminated any yacht club website whose pages were all or mainly restricted to member access. What we can't see, we cannot rate despite high search ranking.

For a listing of yacht clubs by country, visit Yacht Clubs of the World (, although their information appears to be rather dated.

Top 10 Non-US Yacht Club Websites (by Google rank and other criteria)

  1. Yacht Club de Monaco (
  2. Royal Bermuda Yacht Club (
  3. Royal Ocean Racing Club (
  4. Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (
  5. Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (
  6. Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (
  7. Royal Cork Yacht Club (
  8. Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (
  9. The National Yacht Club Toronto (
  10. Etobicoke Yacht Club (

You'll have to check these out for yourselves. It's really nice to dream of faraway places sometimes. A great way for kids to learn geography and cultural competence, too. And honorable mention goes to the Bitter End Yacht Club; although it isn't a "traditional" yacht club per se, it's got one of the best offerings online with lots of useful information about sailing the BVI.

Further Reading / Info:

Please Note: Normally the number 1 selection each month receives a free link to their website for that month. This month, the resources are so valuable and generally non-commercial that we decided to provide permanent links to each.

Being named to the list does qualify those honored to sponsor links. Please contact us for details.

The list is not revealed prior to posting so the selections are made in relative absence of bias according to reasonably well defined criteria. You are invited to submit names for consideration.

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