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Top Marine Photographers

One of several books published by Onne van der Wal.
  1. Onne van der Wal - broad range of marine coverage (
  2. Billy Black - people sailing (
  3. Sharon Green - action shots (
  4. Rick Tomlinson - european events (
  5. Daniel Forster - Rolex yachting events (
  6. Carlo Borlenghi - extraordinary range of yachting photography but if he could just get his website to stand still - it made me viciously seasick. Please Carlo, make it stop! (
  7. Jon Nash - adventure specialist (
  8. Norman Fortier - B&W specialist (
  9. Thierry Martinez - French photographer covering world racing events (
  10. Meghan Sepe - world class events ( )
  • There aren't many people who would argue against The Rosenfelds as perhaps yachting's most talented and celebrated photographers of all time. The America's Cup races, starting in 1920, were exhaustively covered by the Rosenfeld family of photographers themselves, and they quickly became a part of the America's Cup tradition. A broad spectrum of competitive sailing is also reflected from children participating in sailing lessons to views of maxi-boats on the international circuit. The world of powerboating, both competitive and recreational, received equal attention from the Rosenfelds. The development of powerboat racing in America is chronicled in their collection, including extensive coverage of early Gold Cup and Harmsworth Trophy Races. They always made time for yachting photography.

    In 1984, Stanley Rosenfeld sold his collection (nearly a million images from the 1920s to 1981, including those by his father) for $1.8 million to the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Conn. The early America's Cup images, from 1885 to 1910, are from separate collections acquired by Morris Rosenfeld. These collections of remarkable glass plate images are the work of Arthur F. Aldridge, Charles Edwin Bolles, James Burton and Edwin J. Carpenter. These collections also contain images of subjects as varied as socialites, steam yachts, battleships, and riverboats on the Ohio River. Today, the Rosenfeld Collection is stored in a climate-controlled vault in the new Mystic Seaport Collections Research Center.

    Today, there is a cadre of marine photographers, each with their individualistic styles that dominate the marine circuit, providing glimpses into maritime leisure activities, world class events, and global pursuits. Thanks to them, we can visualize what's happening halfway across the globe almost as readily as the action in our own harbors. Thanks gentlemen and ladies, for bringing the world of boating into our homes.

    Onne van der Wal, one of the best known of this generation, got his start while sailing in the Whitbread in the 1980s. He now covers marine, sailing, power, boating and nautical subjects with a great range of versatility. His eye brings you to the beauty in the design of yachts, to the magic of the moment, and to the excitement of the event. That's why we listed him at the top.

    This is, however, a very subjective category. What appeals to us may not appeal to you. So let us know if there's someone we missed, someone you think should be included, or you have a difference of opinion. We love to hear from you.

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