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In the UK, when they say: In the US, it means:


Aubergine / Eggplant


Bacon, Back / Bacon, Canadian

Bacon, Streaky / Bacon

Beans, Broad / Beans, Fava

Beans, French / Beans, Green or String

Beans, Haricot / Beans, Green or String

Beetroot / Beet

Beef, Cutlet / Beef, Chop

Beef, Fillet steak / Beef, Tenderloin

Beef, Rump Steak / Beef, Top Round or Sirloin

Beef, Salt / Beef, Corned

Beef, Silverside / Beef, Top Round

Beef, Sirloin / Beef, Porterhouse Steak

Bicarbonate of soda / Baking soda

Bread, Brown / Bread, Whole Wheat

Biscuits / Cookies


Capsicum / Bell Pepper, Green Pepper

Chicory / Endive

Chips / French Fries

Cling Film / Saran Wrap

Cockles / Clams

Coriander (Fresh) / Cilantro

Cornflour / Cornstarch or Maizena

Corn, Sweet / Corn, Whole Kernel

Courgette / Zucchini

Crisps / Potato Chips

Crumpet / Muffin, English


Essence / Extract


Fish Fingers / Fish sticks

Flour, Corn / Cornstarch or Maizena

Flour, Plain / Flour, All Purpose

Flour, Strong / Flour, Bread

Flour, Wholemeal / Flour, Wholewheat

Frying Pan / Skillet


Gammon / Ham

Gelatine / Gelatin

Greaseproof Paper / Waxed Paper

Grill / Broil


Hot Dogs / Vienna Sausages

Hundreds & Thousands / Sprinkles


Icing / Frosting


Jelly / Jell-O


Kernel, Pine / Pine Nut


Lettuce, Cos / Lettuce, Romaine


Maize / Corn

Marrow / Large Zucchini

Mince meat / Ground meat

Mixed Spice / All Spice or Pumpkin Pie Spice


Onion, Salad / Onion, spring

Onion, spring / Scallions


Pastry Case / Pie Shell

Pawpaw / Papaya

Pine Kernel / Pine Nut

Polenta (ingredient) / Cornmeal

Polony / Bologna

Porridge / Oatmeal, Cooked

Prawns / Shrimp


Sausage, Liver / Liverwurst

Sponge finger / Lady Finger or Boudoir Biscuits

Stock, Brown / Stock, Beef

Sugar, Caster / Sugar, White (of a finer crystal size than granulated)

Sugar, Demerara / Sugar, Light Brown

Sugar, Icing / Sugar, Confectioner's

Sultanas / Raisins, Golden

Swede / Rutabaga or Yellow Turnip

Sweet Pepper / Pimiento

Syrup, Golden / Syrup, Corn



Tart / Pie

Toffee / Taffy

Tomato Puree / Tomato Paste

Tomato Ketchup / Catsup

Treacle / Molasses

Turnip, Yellow / Swede


Vegetable marrow / Yellow squash

Vermicelli, Chocolate / Sprinkles, Chocolat


Excerpted from: From the Galley Of...
The 60th Anniversary Collection of Seafarer's Recipes
by Frances Rennie

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