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Thanks to the latest in crowd-sourcing technology, mariners around the globe can plot their anchorages, view weather, stay on top of official regulations, recommend local services and facilities, and effortlessly navigate unfamiliar countries.


Navigating international waters can be daunting, with concerns ranging from outdated government surveys, incorrect charts and language barriers to piracy, petty crime and political unrest.  Captains on all types of vessels spend up to 40 percent of their time researching and planning, using cruising guides that can be both obsolete and costly, while also seeking a multitude of resources for current news, anchorages, customs and immigration procedures, and other services before entering the waters of an unfamiliar country. Good Anchorage, launching at the Annapolis Boat Show October 9, 2014, is the first and only provider of real-time, verified maritime information freely available 24/7 to mariners around the globe.


Good Anchorage provides exact anchorage coordinates including all-important depth, charts, images and visual aids, waypoints integrated with 72-hour weather forecasts, wind and swell protection, latest local news, customs and immigration procedures, with new features added weekly for provisioning, fuel, boat parts, restaurants, events and cultural activities. Anchorage sites are quality-controlled by Good Anchorage experts who live in each maritime community and are likewise continuously updated by mariners who visit the site to both share and verify data and add new anchorages.


Captain Dietmar Petutschnig, CEO of Good Anchorage, says, “Good Anchorage will be a game changer for those contemplating releasing their lines and exploring foreign waters. Access to quality, dependable data for all maritime needs will increase the opportunities for current captains and less experienced mariners to explore a planet that is 70 percent water.”


Captain Todd Rapley, COO at Good Anchorage, states, “We are making yachting tourism easier and expanding the planet  10 percent by increasing the range of where boats can travel. Many destinations like China, Burma, and Vietnam in Asia, former Eastern Bloc countries in Europe, and Latin American destinations such as Cuba and Columbia are opening their waters; meanwhile, the South Pacific, once intimidating to all but the most experienced captains, is experiencing a 35-percent growth in yachts and cruising boats.” A Superyacht Captain for more than 10 years, Todd sees continued increase in demand from yacht owners and charter guests to travel further afield to unique and exotic locations now that accurate information and tools to maintain safety standards are readily available.


Yachting is a multibillion-dollar industry operating on old technology. In the U.S. alone it’s worth $36.7 billion and predicted to grow five percent in 2014, with 8.5 million registered boats and more than 80 million Americans on the water in 2013. Internationally, 10,000 sailing/motor boats are cruising the high seas along with 30,000 Superyachts and 20,000 small commercial vessels.* Global totals indicate an estimated 25 million boats, ranging in size from 27 feet to the largest Megayacht at 590 feet. Another estimated 650 Superyachts are currently under construction.


Good Anchorage is a leading niche innovator of Maritime information technologies, specializing in providing live, accurate anchorage data, weather, local news and service information for yachts, motor and sail boats around the globe. The company launches globally with more than 3,000 anchorages from Antarctica to Greenland, USA to Australia and everything in between, with the goal to provide 50,000 certified anchorages covering all maritime nations by 2018.





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