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Readers Log

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Thank God I found you!
I'm a new boater who took the courses through 105.  However I still have a million questions, one was where to find good plain english resources like you!! I bought a 1969 36' columbia, and good old boat only comes out bi-monthly!  Luv ya!!


Editor's note: Thanks Jason - luv ya back!


As the FSO PA for my Flotilla of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary I
have found your page very interesting and worthwhile.

Patrick Phelan

I learned about you when you spoke at the Pinnacle Yachts
navigation course and found your information very helpful. Thank you.
Tom Sipos

I am one of the organizers of the Northeast O'Day Owner's Association's 5th Annual "rOnDAYvous"  held this year at Milford Landing Marina, Milford Ct. on the weekend of July 13-15. 

With activities scheduled throughout the weekend, including a wine and cheese dock party on Friday Evening, a scavenger hunt all weekend long,  an informal race on Saturday, a full catered bar-bee-que on Saturday night  featuring the "SOS Band" (Strung Out String Band)

For More info : asax123  or pdodenhoff  

Thank You very Much.

Mike Colucci

ps....I your web page is one of the first places I go to before heading out on a LIS cruise

Editor's note: Thanks Mike. Always glad to hear that our place is useful to people in the know! We'd appreciate input from folks like you who head out on a regular basis. Just drop us an email and we'll add your notes to the right pages.


Thanks for sending this.  It is terrific!


Were you able to use the information we sent you on Dockwise Yacht Transport?  I can send it again if you need.  Certainly seems to fit your audience (new ship, new routes, amazing process of "float-on, float-off" transportation).

Barby MacGowan

Media Pro In'tl for DYT

Sorry Barbie -- it is good info and we will post it shortly. Too much good stuff. Too little time. We're working on a new feature which would allow us to post links to your press releases. Hand in there with us!


Name: bob snow

Email: snowbeast43

Comment: like your site.when i come to florida if i want to sail around the keys for a week or 2 were do i leave my truck and trailer.

Editor's Comment: We check with SSCA in Florida and here's their response:

"Good question! I'd suggest one of the camping grounds, like on Big Pine Key. I don't think that there are any truck stops or Wal-Marts, though that would be my second choice."


I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys do a great job with both your web site and the newsletter.  Frankly, I decline almost every online newsletter that's offered, but yours is consistently good, and I find myself enjoying it every time.  And that likinbg leads to my exploring your web site frequently.  Keep up the good work.

Barry Brierley

Catalina 28, #237, Loon III


Thanks so much for adding the workshop calendar to your online Events Calendar! We sure appreciate it!


Nancy Birnbaum ,

Editor - SSCA Commodores' Bulletin


I am from the Atlantic City International Power Boat Show (Jan.3-Feb.4) and you had our event on your website. We are creating a summary report of our online hits and I wanted to know, what is the number of unique monthly visitors to I looked on your website and could not find the number and found this e-mail under the "contact us" section.

Thank you for your time and help.

Christine Denshuick

Note from the editor: Thanks for the inquiry Christine. I hope you found the stats impressive.


Do you or others know of boat insurance for global sailing, especially South America?


Owner of GEM, a 1976 Bristol 40 yawl

Note from the editor: Try Blue Water or Pantaneus. SSCA is a great resource for these kinds of things and Blue Water tends to be mentioned often and in a good light.



I had the great pleasure of attending your Anchoring and Wireless seminars at the Philadelphia Sailboat Show.  We are planning to cruise soon so the seminars did help a lot. Hearing you were from the northeast was also a big thing to use as most of the seminars we go to are all about the headed south and until that happens, I would still like to head out around here. I own and operate a sail charter (Mirage Charters PO Box 825, Branford, CT 06405) out of Westbrook, CT.

You had mentioned the Rocna anchor, I have been looking at these for a while (the 25 series). Practical Sailor did a review of them but I did not get that issue yet.  Have you hear anything other than positive feedback on these?  I have a Bruce 44 and 60 feet of chain and have never had too much problem with it on our 36 Freedom.  Anchoring for most is about piece of mind and sleeping well. That said I want to sleep as well as I can. You have had the honor of being out there also and I was looking for feed back of any kind, positive or negative.  There are always bucket loads of both, I have not come across any negative feedback yet, I might not be looking in the right places or not enough people have them.  Any information you can pass along would be great, thanks.

I am also not sure if you spend much time in westbrook but duck island has some great all around protection for overnight anchoring and diving a nice break wall if your so inclined. The resturants right up the river are also not so bad if fried seafood is in your thoughts of the day.  If you decide to check it out, let me know, I will meet you out there. 


S.V. Mirage



Delighted to deal with a site/information service that is not hostage to boat or equipment manufacturers.

James Malkin


Great Web site. I just informed 100 people about it through the Mid-Hudson Power Squadron monthly publication, the Foghorn. LI Sound is great but don't forget you get to it from the North via the Hudson River.

Richard Winchell

Editor's response: Thank you for your note - it is much appreciated. If at any time you would like to contribute an article about your area, we would be pleased to publish it. A good friend of our did write a piece about traveling up the Hudon to Canada. It is posted in the cruising section. We have two articles posted about New York Harbor and transiting the East River as well. Best wishes and thanks.


Just liked your website and the information it provides. Would like to see a section on communications. It is difficult to sift through all the information regarding cell service, email, etc. Would be great to hear from cruisers who have figured out the best and cheapest way of keeping in touch while cruising. Perhaps a section in Resources or Cruising could be added.

Don Lacoste
Northport, ME

Editor's comment: We know just the folks to ask! Stay tuned. We have asked SSCA to do a survey of equipment found to be particularly useful for coastal cruising and they have agreed to run it on their website. The questionnaire is done and submitted already. We will be writing up the results here when they are done.


Wonderful Resource site, thank you. I especially like the pet center...we have a golden retriever and a Pearson 28-2, and we're still trying hard to blend that family.

Dr. Ann Miller


Have been boating New England for about 15 years, saw your article about the Thimble Islands, have never been (shame on me!). I just encountered your web site and find it very informative, from what to see to how to navigate and what to look out for! Thank you!

Sandra Edge


I just found your site. It's great! Thanks.



Glad I found your site! Cruise LI Sound all the time.

Jim Jamieson


Great stuff, excellent info!

Charles Boerner


I sail out of Hempstead Harbor, LIS, usually to Maine and back every summer. Your site has a nice appeal to it. Good luck. I sent your link to my YC membership.

Douglas Rothkopf


Great site. I have enjoyed it and found it very helpful to me and to my club, North Shore Yacht Club. We will recommend it to your members. Thanks for the effort and the information. RJG



I am a mom of Midn 3/c Nick Skaperdas who is sitting on NA 11 Swift in the picture you took at the start of the race.  It is img0416.jpg.  I would like to download the hi res image for his scrapbook if you could tell me where to download it. 

Thank you,
Pattie Skaperdas

Hi Pattie ,

When you click on the thumbnails, it opens the larger image.  All you have to do is right click on the image and save it.  But I’ve attached the really high res version of the one you mentioned to this email. Enjoy! I hope he had a good time.

Captain Daria Blackwell

I understand through the grapevine that he has had a GREAT TIME! This is a first for him - I can't wait to hear his stories.
Pattie Skaperdas



Looks great! Thanks....Bruce

from Bruce Knecht, author of Hooked


Great site...awesome information.

Tom Nelson


Excellent site, lots of superb material, far better than what I see elsewhere. Cheers,



Oh you are my new favorite site…Great site.  How do I obtain your approval to link to your site from our Yacht Club site?  I'm co-chair of Cruising at North Shore YC in Manhasset Bay, Pt Washington.  Hey!  You need some info on our bay on your website.

Joan McAndrews

Editor's note: Thanks so much Joan. We look forward to receiving information from you and welcome all clubs to link to our site as many times as you like. If you are planning a cruise and we have the information, then link directly to make it easier for your members to learn more about the destinations. If it helps people get out there, then we're happy to be of help. Please send us a note when you do link, so we can be sure to update our links to you. Have a great season and hope to see you on the water.



What a terrific site!

I'd like to get in touch with Antolin Rivera , who posted a comment on the site about all the different sorts of boats he enjoys sailing, including his Lippincott 30, Shipajoy.  Antolin, I'm considering buying a Lippincott 30 located in Connecticut and you are one of the few Lippincott owners I've stumbled across.  Can I trouble you for a review of the boat?  if you could go back in time, would you but it again?  drawbacks?  quirks/problems I should know about and/or be on the lookout for?  I would be very grateful if you had a few minutes to spare and could get in touch with me at the email address below. 


Frank Connor



my nephew emailed me a copy.  just a note of thanks.  you have created a great reference source for the cruiser.



From the ' Morgan ' website member

Retired.... USCG AUX Staff Officer-Materials... Flotilla 21 North.

I would like to see a 'top 10 list' of Vendor's selling sail/motor boat salvage... East coast/ West coast example I am repowering my 41 ketch, also looking for anchors, etc.



Hi Daria ,

Thanks for the great review! Saw it on your home page today. Mark and I

were betting that you had professional training as a writer. Your

writing was so organized and clearly and concisely summarized what we

were trying to do with the book.

I'm talking to our webmaster today: I'll be sure he adds a link to your

CoastalSailing site. Wow--you have an incredible amount of information

at that site!

Thanks again,



Diana Doyle                                                      semi-local publications LLC

612.729.4411 (voice)                                          books for the wandering soul

954.862.5988 (facsimile)                                     4706 38th Avenue South

781.929.9004 (mobile)                                        Minneapolis , MN   55406



Another book about Long Island Sound you may find interesting - but probably impossible to find – is Long Island Sound, by Fessenden S. Blanchard .  Written in 1958, it chronicles the homeports and yacht clubs of LIS.   It is steeped in history of the Sound, sailing, and Yacht Clubs.  Published by Van Nostrand ; Co.   I purchased this book at a summer library book sale - Pequot Library in Southport , CT.   At any rate, it’s an interesting read - good bedside book, and especially for someone interested in the history of yachting on LIS. 

By the way - several of the out of print books you list in the Northeast sailing section can be found in local libraries.

Regarding your top 10 sailing magazines, please consider Good Old Boat.  It is a great resource for the owner of older, fiberglass sailboats.

also, great website.  keep up the good work!

Cheers, Rick

Editor's note: Thanks Rick, Fessenden's book is on the list! Good Old Boat was considered but did not make the top ten for this year! You are among several readers who asked us to include it, so it'll be back on the list for next year. Thanks for taking the time to correspond.


Alex , finally had time to check out your has an incredible amount of content, and is very well done!  Don't know if it serves more as a 'browsing' site, or a quick source of information...maybe both.  I like the 'sample cruise' idea and would like to see it expanded (many charter companies have examples).  Also, as you grow, you might add broader East Coast coverage (I will send you a few notes on Biscayne Bay winter home). Good luck on the web site...see you on the water!

Dennis Shafer
s/v Air Born (Tartan 4600)


Daria and Alex ,

We're enjoying your occasional updates as you expand the depth and breadth of your website. It looks like you're doing something worthwhile, and I wish you the best of luck with it.

Just one quibble with your Top 10 lists in the current installment: you completely overlook the regional magazines – or "rags," as those of us in the trade tend to affectionately call our free publications. Of course there's the granddaddy of us all, Latitude 38 in San Francisco , which I'm sure you're familiar with. Others that you should know, if you don't already, are 48 North in Seattle , Southwinds in Florida , SpinSheet in the Chesapeake , WindCheck in Long Island Sound, and us (Points East) in coastal New England . All of us tend to be more in touch with our readers than the big boys, which is natural since each of us only covers a small geographic area and publishes features and photos particular to that area. I think the other thing that distinguishes all of the "rags" from the "slicks" is that we assume our readers know much more than the typical Sail or Cruising World reader. Therefore we don't offer the usual advice for newbies: spring commissioning, painting and varnishing, anchoring, docking, and fall decommissioning. The stock in trade for most of us is the first person narrative. We don't usually hire professional writers or photographers. We offer a forum for boaters in our areas to swap tall tales and exchange useful information and opinions, as well as a place to sell their used boats when they either upsize, downsize or move to the dark side.

If you already know all this, forgive me the brief prologue.

Oh, one other magazine I missed seeing in your Top 10 was Good Old Boat. Although it's national and is slick, its readership is similar to the readership of the "rags"; that is, experienced and avid. They do a lot of what DIY does, and they do it better IMHO.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Very nice looking boat you've got btw. Ever sail her up to Maine ?

Bernie Wideman
Points East Magazine

Editor's Reply:

Hi Bernie ,

Thanks so much for your note.  

Yes, we realize that by limiting our selections to the “slicks” we have also limited exposure of our audience to the “rags”, which btw we know very well including several you missed mentioning in California . We agree that they perform an extremely valuable service to the regional communities.  In fact, we are regular contributors to WindCheck and have even contributed to Points East!  You make a very good point and the great thing about a website and the beginning of something new is that we always have the opportunity to institute change for the better.  In fact, I think you make a perfect case for adding a new list.  If you do not mind, I would like to publish your letter in “Our readers write” section, which would at least get your listing of these very valuable pubs up on the site.

Our problem is getting access to all these regional pubs as we have a policy for not including anything we do not routinely review. We are on the mailing list for WindCheck and occasionally pick up Points East in Bridgeport .   Any suggestions? 

BTW, we love This Old Boat, yet it did not quite make the top ten based on the criteria we used for our inaugural listing. There is always next year, and we hope to start a reader survey before then.

Thanks for the nice comment on our boat.  We have only had her for two years now and intend to head to Maine summer after next.  Perhaps we’ll have an opportunity to meet up.

Best regards and thanks again,



Hi Alex ,

Thanks for sending me your articles.  I enjoy reading them.  I have some fuel for your writing furnace.  Two topics in particular seem to be most interesting to customers at boat shows this year.  Mustang Survival's new Hydrostatic Inflatable vest and Brait anchor line from Yale Cordage.

Mustang has just released new technology for inflatable PFD.  Their new Hydrostatic release inflatable is the latest.  Like an EPIRB or Liferaft, it requires a column  of water over it to activate.  In this case 4 to 5" of water.  This means it is not sensitive to moisture, can be stored in damp environments and has high reliability "Hammer" hydrostatic trigger.  Another bonus is it is maintenance free for 5 years...5 years.  It comes in harness and non harness model and features very high comfort neoprene neck and tear open zipper closure.  No more Velcro! It can be seen on the Mustang website at .  It is product no. MD 3183

The other product causing a buzz at shows is Yale Cordage Brait.  We talked about this in Newport .  This line is an 8 strand plait made of very high quality Nylon.  It posses greater elongation and equal strength as three strand.  But because of it's more supple construction stores in as much as 60% less space.  This will make a greater fall of line to a line locker, allowing windlasses to work easier.  Simple chain splices pass through gypsies easier.  Most agree their is a more comfortable ride on the anchor, which always equates to better holding power. Brait can be seen at .

Please feel free to contact me about these products.  These are this spring's hot products at the shows and always a pleasure to describe.

Please give my best to Daria.

See you soon,


> Jim Wallis

> Ocean Marketing, Inc.

> 203-314-4509  Cell

> jwallis @

Editor's Comment:

Thanks Jim. That's great to hear about the Mustang. In our piece on inflatable PFDs, we told a story about one summer when it was so rainy that our PFDs were inflating spontaneously when left below to dry. The new technology sounds like it would overcome this problem.


Hi - I have had a copy of your site forwarded to me and find it to be quite useful. Please subscribe me to this address.
I might add that I have written for a number of boating publications in Canada and the US and have an item on the ICW coming up in SAIL magazine shortly. I am presently under contract to Waterway Guide Magazine to assist them in a publishing venture but perhaps at some point in the future, would be interested in discussing working with you.
Wally Moran
s/v Gypsy Wind
Dufour 34, lying Annapolis


Thanks Daria  -   We are hoping (or at least I am) that the PIXEL will fill more than the junior void in sailing.  The boat will take a couple of adults and is very comfortable.  We’re expecting it to be used in frostbite programs, so the guy who wrote the check will have his time in the boat. Keep up the good work  -  bk (Bruce Kirby)

On 11/30/05 4:46 PM, "Daria Blackwell" < > wrote:

Dear Bruce,

We've been vocal about the need for a boat (and program) that allows kids to sail with other kids.  We applaud the JSA for selecting the Pixel and you for designing a boat that might keep more kids sailing.  

Please see the short editorial we have on our website <>  titled "Should we be rethinking children's sailing programs."  I guess we'll need a new cause!  Although I think we have a long way to go before clubs agree that recreational sailing can be as important as racing.

Best regards,
Daria Blackwell


Hi Daria--

I'm actually the person that is behind the cleanmarinas @ email address and NOAA's Clean

Marina website.  It would be great if you would like to feature the Clean Marina Initiative under your "Good Guys" section.  The web address is   Let me know if you need any additional information.



Editor's Note: We'll be speaking with you shortly, All ison.


From who we are page...."was the Moytura and she few the white seahorse"...should it not be - "flew"???

Neat site!


Editor's response:

Thanks Myrna, we really appreciate all comments, spelling corrections, etc. In fact, your note made us realize we had misspelled Grace's Irish name, which we have now corrected. Please forgive us for our haste. Unfortunately, the software does not have spell check built in. Harrrumph!


Subject: Re NOAA Booklet Charts

Alex, A short statement about the site is attached. Right now it's in a period of "open public comment" before we decide to make it an official NOAA offering. Exposure ...would give more members of the public a chance to comment.



Sent : Tuesday, October 04, 2005 1:51 PM
To: MSD - Marine Sciences


            Thanks for passing along the word on MYSOUND. We have just supplemented the central LIS Buoy to include directional wave information. We’re finding that his is very popular with  commercial shipping interests.

            While I have you, we’re also happy to receive recommendations re needed additional data. Encourage all of your readers to send along comments both positive and negative.

            Best,  Frank


Thanks for the coverage as Good Guy. Our web volunteer will set up a
link on our index page today.  You also may want to link to our pumpout
map which shows all of the free public pumpouts in NY Harbor. Thanks
again! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer.
Best wishes,
Barbara La Rocco
Going Coastal, Inc.


We will find a proper place for it...

...the site is well composed and interesting

We would be pleased to have a small jpeg file with a pix of the BOWMAN 57 as well as any other Bowman yachts

We cannot seem to find an Internet file on either the builders or the designers Holman & Pye

Thanks for looking into JIBSLIST.COM


John Mayer editor

Reply: Dear John, thank for your kind words. Hollman & Pye, designers of our Bowman 57, went on to design many of the Oysters that are so coveted. I think you'll find a resemblance in the lines and layouts. They do not have a web presence and Rival Bowman, the company that acquired Bowman some time ago, has no record of having produced the lovely Bowmn 57.


Dear Daria:

Thank you ever so much.   Your timing couldn't be better as we are now restructuring the "Challenged America" program, mainly due to increasing expenses and a record number of disabled who have requested learn-to-sail opportunities with the program -- estimated at more than 1,000 disabled sailors in the coming year alone -- and our concern at being able to raise the funds to cover this tremendous overhead.  The dollar amount of individual, business and foundation contributions and donations have been decreasing in the past few years.

Guess we're a victim of our own success...and restructuing is definitely in order, to best plan for the future.

Hopefully this "Good Guys" article will stimulate others to support "Challenged America."


Again, thanks so much.


Best regards,


a free recreational rehabilitation program of the

Disabled Businesspersons Association


Our organization is at the service of all with similar aims. Please
visit us online at for further information about
our programs. 
Best wishes,
Barbara La Rocco
Going Coastal, Inc.
Brooklyn , NY



First I like to let you know I find your web site very helpful even

though I own a motor boat. I have a quick question and an update. Have

you ever heard of the SandPit? I could not find it on a Chart. And as you may know,

Coco's is now closed. I'm not sure what happended but I went for lunch last Saturday and it was closed.

We went to the Deli and ate on the boat.

Thanks and hope you can help me out.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your kind words about our website. We don't know of anyplace called the Sand Pit near Stamford, but there is a place we call the Sand Hole which is actually Mt Misery Cove just to port as you come past the breakwater into Port Jefferson and there is a Sand Hole just inside Eaton's neck as you enter Oyster Bay.

Thanks for letting us know about Coco's and feel free to send other updates as you discover them.

Hi Daria,

Thanks for your response. Great Web Site, Keep up the good work




Ahoy Alex & Daria, 

WOW WHAT A SITE!  I will review it in detail.  You might consider making
an e-mail link to the webmaster, so one does not have to cut
and paste the address.

The site I mentioned is:

My sites and contact info are below.  The Bermuda and Weather sites might be
included in a section on voyaging to Bermuda.

I will mention your site in my June Weather talks.


Visit for:
The best in Bermuda cruising information

Visit for:
The place where Bermuda Sailors share their experience's

Visit for:
The place where Cruising Sailors get their weather

Visit for:
Sail Boat Services, Installation Assistance, Custom Fabrication

Editor's note: We note with great sadness that Tom Tighe, author of Bermuda Bound
and cruising mentor to countless voyagemakers, was lost at sea
while attempting to save his crew shortly after this note was written.


Great site.  Nice to find a site with local information/knowledge of LIS.
How did you find us: Windcheck
Responsibilities: working for IBM, sailing out of Westport CT on an old Tanzer 22, listening to Sheryl Crow..
How can we help you:
Had a couple of book recommendations...


Editor's Response: Thanks so much Rick. We added them to our list.



I'm a volunteer co-coordinator with CHALLENGED AMERICA.  We are a San Diego based non-profit organization that offers free sailing for the disabled.  We were reviewing your web site and wondered what it would require to be listed as one of your  good guys?  Please feel free to check out our web site and let me know.

thanks for your time and best regards,

sam gloor
"America's Cup Harbor"
2240 Shelter Island Drive, Suite 206
San Diego, California 92106
Sailing Office:  (619) 523-9318
Fax:  (619) 523-0368
Email:  Sailor  Web:

"Charting A New Course In Rehabilitation."

Editor's response: Thanks Sam. Please send information about your organization and an inspirational story and we'll highlight it in a future "Spotlight on the Good Guys"



Best of luck indeed....the site looks very nice, and it is just a matter of time before it will contain tons of good info for all.  You may have hit a commonly missed segment...the middle one :) 

Often, the sailing community tends to look at sailing and sailors in a narrow focused label - you are a dinghy sailor or a day sailor or a racer or extreme sailor (whatever the heck that means) - when in reality most sailors love SAILING for what it is for them.  Many sailors are a big package (like you guys).  I sailed the Sunfish for starters, then the Nacra 5.2 wild cat (and still sail little "pure" boats like a mid-life crisis Laser for me).  I also sail the good sloop Shipajoy (a Lippincott 30 which is awesome for day sails and putzing around Tampa Bay), I "steal" my son's Opti (every now and then when he is at lunch or at shop talk between opti practices), and I race on friend's boats (J24 on Thursday night out of Davis Island YC ( and a J109 before that, etc.).   Sailing in all its forms!

So, best of luck on your endeavors and your new web site.

Kind Regards,

Antolin Rivera

Editor's response: Thanks for the encouragement Antolin!


ohmygosh, that's super cool! an outline is already under way for a piece on our first sailing adventure.


Editor's response: Thanks. Can't wait to read it. There's so much magic in the first experience.


Congratulations. ambitious and yet up to snuff and better!

I loved your naming search and ceremony rendition!  Again. bravo! 


Editor's response: Thanks for the information about your upcoming event.


Hi Guys - Looks great!

We should chat about how we can help get the word out. Hope to see you at the boatyard.


Editor's response: Thanks for the listing in Windcheck.


Wow, thank you for sharing the information.  The press release is very well done and is interesting on its own.  It would definately motivate me to go to the website.  You so clearly are able to communicate the vision of the site as well as get across the feel for the content.

I will think about what we could contribute as sailors with a 5 year old crew. 

Again, very impressive and only the best!


Editor's response: We're looking forward to receiving your editorial contribution!


interesting idea - this could be big especially if you were to launch regional versions in other hot spots. Look at some of the other web models for cities where it started locally and quickly expanded.


Editor's response: That's the idea!


What a huge and exciting project.  This should keep you very busy. Your creativity is amazing and your energy relentless.


Editor's response: Busy is good. Good busy is even better. This is good busy! Thanks.


Congratulations!  I love it.  Let me know how I can help.


Editor's response: Thanks for the article!!!


This is awesome!  I have no doubt will be a huge success. Congratulations and all the best!


Editor's response: We're looking forward to "the dream team's" story!


Congratulations!! Your new site is wonderful and will, no doubt, be a resounding success. You certainly have the tools and the knowledge. I just visited and it took lots of self-control to stop mousing and clicking around and get back to work. How unusual to actually find content under the hot links!!  And such thorough, well-presented and useful content. Word will spread quickly.

Best regards,


Editor's response: Thanks and keep clicking.


Congratulations on launching Coastal Sailing.  I would be very happy to contribute as time and resources will allow.  I will look for some good opportunities for us.  I will talk to you soon.

Best regards,


Editor's response: Send your stuff in!


Very nice site. Will you have a link section? We'll gladly add a link for a reciprocal link.



Editor's response: Thanks for the link. DIY's will be up with the next upload.


Very cool!


Editor's response: Thanks for all the suggestions on software tools. We'll check it all out!


* has been launched by White Seahorse, Inc. as an online
resource dedicated to the sheer joy of sailing in whatever form it takes,
including day sailing, racing, and cruising. The website provides monthly
feature articles on topics of importance to sailors, information on
cruising destinations and stories. It will include articles on seamanship
topics and reviews of books on coastal cruising destinations. will also provide overviews of products that have been
tested by the staff and proven to be superior, innovative, or just plain
exceptional for boating applications. -

From SCUTTLEBUTT 1822 - April 21, 2005 (

Editor's response: How cool is this? Scuttlebutt!!!


To our visitors: we live for your feedback

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We need to hear from you to know what is important for you. If we hear from enough people about a topic, we'll do our best to cover it in future updates. We reserve the right to edit and post letters from our readers.

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