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Going Coastal is a local non-profit organization with some really wonderful resources!

Going Coastal, Inc. is a 2005 EPA award-winning nonprofit formed in 2003 to promote awareness and understanding the urban coastal environment. Through the efforts of volunteers and information initiatives, GC encourages adults and children to appreciate, enjoy, and preserve it. They connect people to coastal resources by publishing books, developing materials, community outreach campaigns, exhibits and talks. They work to form strong community partnerships. Currently, in collaboration with McGraw Hill, they are developing a children's book on water safety.

Their principal publishing focus is "Going Coastal New York City," a guidebook designed to make the waterfront more accessible to residents and visitors. The book reveals public recreational access, maritime heritage and local environmental stewardship. Kayakers, divers, boaters, and fishermen use it to discover new recreational sites. School teachers find the book helpful in introducing students to nearby estuarine environments. Local nonprofits use the comprehensive listings to connect with other organizations working on similar issues. You can pick up tips on historic ships, lighthouses, and waterfront attractions.

They also restore to print books that foster understanding and appreciation of our maritime heritage and waterfront history. "A Maritime History of New York" is a seminal work on New York Harbor originally compiled by the WPA Writers' Project in 1941. It features an account of the seaport from the Ice Age to the moment it was published - just eight days before the attack on Pearl Harbor . Going Coastal makes the information current by supplementing the original text with a tour of the Port today, an anthology of the book and an update of Port history to current times. The volume links past and present to stimulate broader consideration of the City's rapidly evolving waterfront.

Going Coastal's programs are funded mainly through sales of books. They conduct seasonal book drives to support their publishing activities. Some of their successful programs include:

  • The development and production of "Going Coastal NYC" events staged at some of the most historic waterside locations in Manhattan , the Bronx , and Queens to raise awareness of waterfront access.
  • Donation of over 100 copies of Going Coastal's books to waterfront advocacy and youth-serving organizations.
  • The design, printing and distribution of 1000 free "Ways to Keep our Waterways Clean" Bookmarks. The creation, printing and distribution of over 500 free Coastal Kids brochures that describe all of the free and low cost ways for young people to participate in the city's waterfront, from boatbuilding and sailing programs to surf camps and oyster farming.
  • Operation of a Waterfront Information Center at popular events, street fairs, greenmarkets and other high traffic spots to raise awareness of all the ways to enjoy the waterfront. The Center distributed literature and promotional materials of local organizations including The Waterfront Museum , Sebago Canoe Club, The River Project, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, NY Outrigger, Bronx River Alliance, and more.
  • Design of free downloadable maps for area nonprofit groups, including: a City Island Walking Tour Map for City Island Nautical Museum visitors and a kayaker's map of land sites for Manhattan Island circumnavigators and touring kayak groups.

Please visit online at for further information. 

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