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Summer is here, or is it?

by Daria Blackwell

I cannot believe that it’s already June and summer is officially almost here.  What a joy it is to be back on the water and what a shame it is that so many boats were so late getting out there this year in the Northeast.  The early spring weather wreaked havoc on the yards in our area and the harbors lay empty longer than usual, making the season feel considerably shorter than normal.

In fact, the weather has continued to ping-pong between extreme heat and unseasonable chills, making it really hard to adapt to the lack of seasonality.  The pollen count has been off the charts, the algae blooms have been eerily intense, and the flu season has been extended beyond the normal expectations.  Tornados abound, flights are cancelled routinely, and named storms are expected to outnumber typical counts.  So what is going on?  Do all of you notice it as well?  Is the “Inconvenient Truth” really at the epicenter of climate change or are these normal cyclical fuctuations.  Only time will tell, but I think owning property in Ireland is a good thing, and having a boat we can live on is not bad either.

Despite the gloomy dooms, so many good things have already happened on the water.  Yacht clubs have had their commissionings, regattas have gotten off the ground – albeit with fewer boats in the early spring series, the Louis Vuitton Cup ended without an American boat on the line, and we’re out their cruising again. We are busily making our plans, studying our charts and organizing our destinations for a fun adventure on the high seas and local waters.  Onyx has been busy preparing herself as well, and she’s got plenty of new stories to share.

The first weekend after the 21 of June is coming up with the new tradition of Summer Sailstice.  This new tradition was started several years ago as a way to get people out on the water.  And it has really taken off.  Go to the website and sign up your boat and crew for an opportunity to win great prizes and share stories among boaters who share a passion for the being out there. This year fourth of July falls midweek and fireworks celebrations are planned by many communities the night before or the night of.  We have a plan to see one set on Tuesday night then sail off so see a second spectacular on the East River in NYC on the fourth.  Cant wait.

We also conducted our own display with the help of the USCG Auxiliary and the local Police Boat in a Flare off.  Friends and neighbors brought their expired flares to the beach where a certified instructor taught us how to shoot them off effectively and safely.  You too can organize such an event. To learn more, click here.

NOAA’s Hurricane prediction center has released the forecast for the season and they are predicting more activity in the Atlantic than normal.  Any year, it pays to prepare in advance and to leave your boat as secure as possible when leaving it at the dock or mooring for extended periods. 

Thanks to all the readers who continue to send us their encouraging words and enthusiastic comments.  We appreciate every comment and try to respond to every suggestion.   And if any one of you wishes to submit an article for the site, please send it on in!

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